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Here are a few of the testimonials received from previous clients.

At Wren Training we are proud of our successful customer satisfaction record, and pride ourselves as a friendly approachable company, we feel it’s the personal touches that make our courses so popular and sucsessful!

But don’t just take our word – here is what our clients think!

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"I first met Donna a few years ago when she offered to provide first aid cover for my small but effective first aid team. Donna quickly established herself as a reliable and trustworthy mentor to the rest of the team and she is someone you want around in a crisis.
Donna provides first aid at public events for 2 reasons - to help the local community and to give credibility to the subject that she delivers. Donna has the ability to teach from personal experience along with theory.

Donna played a vital role at this indoor music event, her determination and ability helped to motivate and at times direct the team. The event prompted a major incident after large volumes of people became worse for drink and drugs - I was so pleased to have her skill and support at this busy venue

Blackpool Rocks

Donna was called to a Cardiac Arrest at the show, I backed her up arriving 2 minute later, she had the patient removed to a safe place and had already de-fibrillated the patient on my arrival. I still receive the positive feedback from her actions and professionalism. I am an Emergency Medical Technician with the NHS in my main job and can confirm she was fantastic.
Donna is a strong lady who has driven her business forward, she networks extremely well and she continually builds her skills, knowledge and customer base with her business, charity work and providing first aid cover at local events.
I am proud and privileged to have Donna on the team".

Scorton Steam Rally

" I have been asked to go on first aid training by my company for over 20 years and always declined. I finally gave in. I attended a course held by Donna Wren of Wren Training. I was nervous and was put at ease by her attitude and helpfulness. Donna says it as it is, no fancy jargon or making it over complicated. She had an honest answer for every question asked. Donna has a really witty sense of humour and kept us all entertained. The only critisim I have is of myself for not doing the training sooner. I am recommending Donna and Wren Training to everyone." Martin - Blackpool

John Mcdonald - First Aid Plus

"I must say just about the best First Aid Training we have had. It was made very interesting throughout not a bit boring and although a full day the time passed quickly. Thanks again for a job well done."

Susan W - Windermere

"The course was fantastic, I gained so much experience out of it, Donna was really helpful and if you didn't get anything she'd go over it with you again in a way that suits you best, whether you prefer hands on, or reading or by PowerPoint she'd make sure that she'd train us in a way to suit everyone’s way of learning. I'm so glad, and proud to have my First Aid qualification because it's such a great qualification to have."

Amy R - Carlisle

"I have taught with and been taught by Donna and can safely say you will not find a better trainer within this field."

Andrew R - Lancaster

"I did the emergency first aid at work course. It is only one day but last time I did it, 3 years ago, time stood still. It was so boring and complicated. Time flew with Donna, she made it easy to follow, answered all my questions in depth and without hesitation. A very helpful and funny lady. Definitely recommend Donna and Wren Training for first aid training. I am thinking of doing a full first aid at work 3 day course as I enjoyed the one day so much"

Alex, Lancaster

"Brilliant tutor. Extremely knowledgable and interesting. Always gave reason why. approached every example with positive instruction. Totally excellent course. will practice bandaging as you recommended".

Coniston, Cumbria

"Very Professional,fluent and interesting".

Steve, Coniston, Cumbria

"Very Happy. Glad i've done the course, feel I have learnt a lot".

Jeffrey H, Greenodd, Cumbria

"Enjoyed the day, learnt plenty, gave me confidence if I ever need to administer first aid".

Peter W, Greenodd, Cumbria

"I cannot normally concentrate for long periods and thought I would not remember anything on the first aid course. I did a one day emergency first aid course. I found it very interesting and Donna kept my attention all the way through, she makes the course enjoyable and entertaining whilst not distracting from the seriousness of the reason for the training. A very knowledgeable tutor, who never failed to take the time to answer anyone's questions. The best course I have been on so far and I have asked my boss to send me on the full 3 day first aid course next time. Keep up the good work Donna and keep up the passion you have for the subject. Thank you. "

Chris A, Preston

"Donna taught me Emergency First Aid at Work last year. She is a brilliant trainer. Knows exactly what she is doing. I would definitely recommend her for anyone that wants First Aid Training".

Katy B - Lancaster

"Great fun, easy to follow courses and definitely going to use Donna again. Thank you ".

Scott L - Lancaster


Gary V - Lancaster

"Excellent. Thank you!".

Jo - Preston

"Great involvement with delegates. Fantastic day. Made FIRST AID enjoyable!".

Erin S- Lancaster

"Tutor very knowledgeable and friendly. Paediatric course was very relevant and practical for my needs. Thank you, I have really enjoyed the course."

Helen T - Lancaster

"Very interesting. Absorbed information without realising it! Better than my previous first aid course, far more practical and relevant."

Maria M - Harrogate

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course with Donna. It was was easy to understand straight to the point and very practical. Donna has a friendly attitude and her teaching is a great. I gained alot from this course. Thanks Donna :)".

Chetna C - Preston

"I like the personal service Donna provided and would recommend to anyone working in a busy workplace or with children".

Kira D - Lancaster

"Wren Training, highly recommended trainer, a great day to be had and a lot to be learnt,every credit to Donna".

Shane H - Lancashire Valeting - Garstang

"Donna is an engaging tutor with a clear delivery style and great subject knowledge. Great course. Well delivered, enjoyable and phenonemal value".

Jonathan A - Lancaster

"A MASSIVE thank you for the training yesterday - we all loved it and have been chatting about it this morning. I'm so chuffed that if the need arises, I now feel confident and ready to do something! Massive thanks again! Best course ever"!

Ben B - Leyland

"A really good day. I was dreading this course as i'm a bit squeamish but Donna made it so entertaining that all the info went in and the gory bits were bearable".

Eleanor P - Lancaster

"Its so nice and so rare to see someone with such a passion for their job. Donna clearly not only loves her job but the service she provides. Wren Training was recommended by a colleague and that says a lot! They enjoyed their training so much they are telling others".

Mark A - Preston

"Donna was very nice and very friendly and made the course really interesting. Very well explained course".

Sandra M - Morecambe

"Very interesting with good teaching skills. Like the hands on appraoch instead of just reading from text. Found that I was able to retain knowledge as the pace was just right. Not boring, held my interest all way through".

Elaine B - Morecambe

"Best first aid course I've done! Brilliant job thanks! 10 out of 10!".

Phil I - Lancaster

"Very clearly presented, learn't a lot in a short time. Donna is a great instructor who clearly is passionate about the subject. Really useful course. Excellent!

Joe L - Lancaster

"Held my attention, simplified matters. Excellent, you learn a lot and are able to practice".

Jennifer M - Lancaster

"Other first aid courses I have attended I have been 'talked at' for hours, it felt like days! This 1 day course flew by.That was because I was taught and not just told. My attention was held by a good mix of seriousness and humour. Explaining things in simple terms does make a big difference. Admire Donna's honesty to a subject she obviously loves teaching. Donna actually changed the lunch hour to allow time for me to attend prayers".

Rukhsana P - Blackburn

"If one day I need to help somebody or save a life, I could. THATS AMAZING! Really enjoyed it. Learnt essential and technical skills in an informal but professional way. Donna's experience is extremely reassuring and her skill at training is excellent. Thank you".

Ben B - Leyland

"Excellent trainer, interesting, motivating. One of the best first aid courses I have attended".

Becky K - Leyland

"Great Course. Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly learning environment".

Jo B - Preston

"Very well presented and easy to understand".

Chris R - Blackpool

"Clear, uncomplicated and easy to understand. I knew nothing before this course and now I feel confident in administering AED & CPR".

Kenny C - Nelson

"We had our AED & CPR training onsite. It was great not having to leave the business like other first aid courses I have attended"

James B - Nelson

"Brilliant! Really worthwhile course and enjoyed it. Fantastic, Donna was informative and great at answering questions".

Patsy B - Lancaster

"Thanks for today's training, was very enjoyable and taught at a tempo and atmosphere that makes first aid enjoyable"

Jason B - Reading

"Donna held my attention well throughout, well structured, good pace. Extremely good. I feel confident to 'give it a go' now. Quality day, quality course".

Hazel L - Lancaster

"Donna was extremely professional in teaching something she clearly has a long lasting passion for. After doing numerous military courses in a previous life, being assigned to another first aid course was less than motivating – however, Donna made this extremely fun and interesting for our whole group. The pace and direction that was taught made sure everyone went away with new and improved knowledge. We will definitely return and recommend to others – Thanks".

Jason - Belfast

"Over the years I have done a lot of first aid courses. Non like this one! Donna was fab. So funny and entertaining,...that woman should be on stage! She teaches no nonsense, this is how it happens in the real world first aid, not it only ever happens like the text book says! I actually learnt more that I ever have before. Always used large companies before but they are expensive and could not fit us in. Donna went above and beyond and worked round us to accommodate our dates and times. Recommend Wren Training and Donna to everyone. Great value for money too"

Steve - Lancashire

"Donna was a fab teacher, very patient and helpful. Course well worth doing and knowledge learnt".

Sinead - Southport

"Very good teaching skills, kept it interesting. Didn't fill us with unnessary facts and figures. Very satisfied with the course. I feel a lot more confident to have to do first aid in the real world now".

Liannie - Preston

"In 20 years this is the first non St John Ambualnce course I have sat. Really well presented, good to see focus on what we need to know, we don't need to be doctors".

Lynn - Lancaster

"I would happily recommend Donna Wren and Wren Training to all who require first aid training on any level. Their courses are fantastic value for money. Only time I have fully understood my training and come away with full confidence. We have used more expensive companies and not found them any better in fact their training was complicated and full of unnecessary facts. We only once booked a course because the company was cheap, never again. It was cheap for a reason! We have ordered a defibrillator and Donna will be coming to train us how to use it. We would not use anyone else now. Happy New Year Wren Training".

Malcolm - Cheshire

"10 out of 10. Thank you Donna".

Steve M - Bury

"Excellent course, excellent trainer. Donna taught us in a no nonsense way. First aid situations are never text book but all the other courses I have attended teach as though the are. Donna teaches they way it is most likely to happen and prepares you to expect the unexpected. Have to say the best course I have ever done, and I have done a fair few! All questions were answered openly and honestly, time was taken to make sure everyone asked questions if they wanted to. Donna has a brilliant sense of humour and chocolate biscuits ... what more can a man ask for!"

Paul - Lancashire

"Ive been teaching First Aid for years myself and I always learn something new from Donna :-)"

David - Lancaster - First Aid at Work Requalification

"Excellent delivery, good examples of incidents, very knowledgeable. This course has made me feel far more aware of/confident in dealing with first aid situations"

Anne - Hornby

"Fantastic course, entertaining and beneficial. I will be sending more of my employees on this course"

Nick - Cumbria

"My first first aid course so didn't know what to expect. Awesome course and very well presented! Thanks a million!

Ian - Morecambe

"Kept simple and not overly head wrecking with things you didn't need to know. Just exactly what you need to do"

Peter - Salford

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